Self Development

It all begins with knowing who you are

All my life I’ve been trying to be a different person. The one that makes efforts and able to reach out to others with ease. Wanting to speak common sense in every occasion, with a free heart to share my interests with strangers without fear, doubt and self undermining. Not afraid to be judged. A free soul with a never mind attitude and free to express my individuality without strains.

I always wanted to be me, the real me. Not this confused being who don’t know who he is. Who follows every trend and traditions that are misleading. Fashion maniac who lacks a spine without balance. This year he’s crazy about this, the other one is something else. When I traced back my footsteps it was not for others to follow. They were gonna break their legs, sprain them or end up limping. Because they were not rooted to a main cause, they never had a straight forward direction in which everyone can follow with ease. They just kept on changing and made no sense at all.

I always wanted to be a center of attention. The one when he speaks everyone pays attention because they know they’ll heal from day to day altercations. All is in me I believed but, how do I draw it out? How do I draw something that seems impossible and make it possible? How do I resemble the character that is like an ever fixèd mark? The one that is unshakable. Man I felt it in me that seemed impossible.

It is possible if I believe it is, but it is not if I believe it’s not. So all in all, all depends on me not to anybody. When I understood that, that’s when things started moving. That’s when I started seeing progress and change happening. That’s when I started renewing my mind as the Bible said. I knew the verse long ago but it was empty. It didn’t resonate with me. It had no message at all, but today it makes sense.

As I started this journey of self development and knowledge. Self improvement and I discovery. Introduction of the new me in an old world. It’s amazing, motivating and elevating. I have a reason why I am breathing not like the past I was lost. Why it was hard to discover this from genesis? Because I didn’t believe it can happen to me. I thought it is for others who seemed special than I and I was lying. It is for all who open their hearts and minds to self improvement.

It is not easy to pave new ways but it’s worth it.



Whichever ever way, if you think is right for you. It is right follow it

In life we meet different people, different cultures and different religions. It’s up to you which one you wanna fall under. We live by choice in whatever we think is good for us. Every footstep you follow if it gives you the spirit of “Ubuntu”, enjoy the ride. To be free is one of the main parts of living. 

If you not free well bad luck for you, try to find a way to blend in and taste freedom. All of us we were given freewill, freedom of choice. Our ways were made different, same as our choices are totally different. As I zoom in to this so called life, it’s too complex with terms and conditions. It’s up to you which direction you take. It can be good, bad or ugly. It can be suffocating, nice or lovely.

Which ever way you choose make sure you enjoy the ride. No one wants to live under stress all of his life. If you don’t stand tall definitely sure you gonna fall. Try to create meaning and have a purpose. It all in the mind if you search diligently not sporadically. Having a sense of meaning and purpose in life is better than not having any at all.

Being free is a choice. Being free is living life to the fullest. Being free doesn’t mean you don’t have regrets, it means you know yourself better to understand things and set them accordingly. Never allow yourself to be oppressed for no reason or just for the fun of it. You deserve to be free and make good choices in all that you love.

Strive for freedom in all circumstances. You were never created to live and die. Your being here there’s a reason and a purpose you have to fulfill. So stay focus on your lane and all that you think is worthy for you, and never forget to love others as you love yourself. You deserve to be Free. Fight for your Freedom.

Baby Adult

Adulting is a milestone to some of us. It needs focus and dedication. All comes crashing and he gets confused which one is which? What’s the right way to take or must he wait a bit maybe all will clear out in no time. All the confusing episodes flicker in his mind like thunder and lightning ruling the blue skies.

He’s used to being nursed and taken good care of. All comes to him not him searching for whatever it is he needs, he’s living the life of a king. Sometimes the parents play a big role in babysitting an adult. All they want is him to be always around and not take a step further. A baby adult is clumsy and careless, let alone being selfish in some occasions. All he cares about is his own fulfilments. He’s never been out of the neighborhood for decades. He’s an ancestor of the hood with a diaper swinging sideways he is so informative.

He fears that nobody will understand him except his parents and siblings. The fear of independence have grown so big and turned into a phobia. He has relationships with women but they don’t last. Take note of this if you didn’t know, (No woman wants to be controlled in her love affair by another woman especially not by the in-laws). His mother keeps on interfering, she’s gone too far. So it becomes so hard for his girlfriends to stick around because they feel like they not in love with him. They in love with his mother cause she’s always nosey in their business.

Advices he gets they enter into this ear and out the other one. His friends have their own places and some are married. His body is fully grown he’s an adult by the looks but the mind is still stuck in teenage years. He’s never done something productive with his life. Beside the fact that he works at a retail store and comes back home and dine. “Mom’s gut my back what the hack must I fuss for?“. Forgetting that one day they’ll be gone and he’ll be left with his not knowing knowledge of nonsense. And start blaming other’s for not being around to entertain his sorry arse.

Most of the times it’s better to move out and find your wings. Like an eagle chases her baby out the nest when it reaches a certain age. Be your own person and soar through the valleys of knowledge. Encourage yourself to be a better you. No depending, just blazing your own trail. Go to the unknown and fight to find your way out. I don’t wanna lie you’ll face droughts and bare places with no carpet. Your mouth will parched because of thirst, that’s the right way to follow. It’s building you to be a better you in all circumstances.

It’s Not Over Yet

We face different things in one day. In a week? That’s a lot. I don’t want to mention a month, a year, a decade.. etc. That’s a lot more. God created us to be complex, not perfect at all. We are errors on the walk. Our talks are offside sometimes. Creating blunders that are hard to get out of. The point of this equation is that we are human. Don’t beat yourself up for being human. And that also don’t give you permission to make excuses.

Our days are numbered. Our lives are on a pedestal. We are at risk any move we make. Our lives are at stake. Call me a coward but everyday I wake up on the watch like a hawk. Knowing something better is looming from afar. Gratitude is my everyday “skelem” key. Without hope there’s no life. You have to strive for the better on daily basis. Throwing a towel is not an option.

Nothing lasts forever on this earth better bear that in mind. All troubles and tribulations are not here to stay they on the walk.  Never mock yourself for imperfections. Let alone the hate you brew deep down your mind thinking negative thoughts. We were born negative I think. “This Too Shall Pass” is written on the gates of paradise with a burning coal. It’s better to adjust yourself in any circumstance.

Giving up is not an option in situations like this. Life is to be lived without limits. Trust your instincts sometimes and follow their footsteps. Never let your shadow blind your ways, always keep it in check. Forward ever, and backwards never. That’s the rule you have to live by in your breathing. Always count your blessings and leave  your losses alone. Cause the latter can’t do you any good.

It’s not the end of life it’s the beginning. Pull up your sox and show that you are living. Your existence have a big reason. You are too special in so many ways. So never undermine your presence in any situation.

A Woman

God created a woman to be a pillar of a family. The one that multiplies generation to generations. Her patience is amazing. How do you do it guys for nine months? I’ll forever stay taken aback. It takes a lot of efforts according what I see. Dedication and persistence is what you were born with. After all the pain and agony you bring life on earth with a smile and happiness. Actually it’s nature’s way of showing how strong you are. In those words I salute you.

If your presence is none human nature can be hard to multiple, as a matter of fact everything will be on stand still. In this journey you abide with thanks giving and honor. You support the reason why having you on this earth is a blessing. Those wombs carry Presidents, heroes and all respected candidates with big names and men & women of honor. Your teachings stood the test of time.

You are a Sister, a Mother, a daughter and a Father, when circumstances pushies you to act the part. Even if it’s hard raising a son without a father, you push through until you finish the race. You don’t mind the pace all you consend about is raising a man with dignity and respect. The one that is gonna stand the cause and not runaway from his responsibilities.

I remember when I was a young boy, I used to think my mother had super powers. She always had a solution to every problem. When there was no food at all. She made sure we never go to bed with grumbling stomachs. She fed us wisdom and knowledge so that we don’t become burdens when death do us part. Motivation was always at hand, and she told us nothing is impossible if we put our minds to it, and what resonated with me was “if you aim at nothing you’ll hit nothing”. Try by all means to aim at something.

We call on you pride of the nation. When you pass by men worship the ground you walk on. Your beauty is a bonus. Out of all the struggles you face, you manage to stand tall. When impediments and obstacles avail, you’re able to communicate with them and they disappear. You always prevail in any circumstances.

It’s Not Easy

The morrow is not promised

Everyday is a struggle, life is like a puzzle. Sometimes you just catch yourself in the middle of chaos trying to solve a riddle. Some matters seems so little and leave you with nothing to mingle. It’s better when you single, you can fly sky high like an eagle. Life can be so cruel, like in a soccer match you just get dribbled. Maybe your blessings can be doubled if you pray harder on bended knees and pour out your struggles. Are they gossiping about somebody? Be careful not to be caught in the middle of suffocating blunders, because that left a lot of families asunder.

Our living is like the seasons. Things fluctuates it’s not easy to get them to be stable. Everyday is a surprise because tomorrow is not promised. Yesterday I was soaking wet with sweat, I was busy counting my blessings. Burning the incense not wanting to wake the ancestors in their resting. I always thank the Universe each an everyday I’m breathing. Making sure my everyday living have a reason. It’s really great when your hustle is organized, the one that don’t get you into prison. Your friends may say chicken just because you don’t wanna break the law, you just bend it.

Definitely sure it’s not easy in our living. Everyday you need something to believe in. Though it can be hard to find, your digging deeper will always count. Having the motivation that someday things will work out. Well it’s not easy hold on to it, there’s a lesson to learn never let go of it. In your persistence you’ll end up getting a profit. Balance with every Alphabet until you find a better foundation to stand. 

Life is never easy, bless the Creator for your breathing. Some didn’t get the opportunity that you were given. Your waking up today tells you there’s still more you need to achieve. Fasten your sit belt there’s a traffic calming measure ahead. Things are gonna get bumpy better enjoy the ride. Get all out of your view things that are disturbing sight. Everyday is a fight never let go your future will be bright.

It’s Not Easy but our waking up on daily basis is worth more than just laying low with no purpose.

This Job Is Killing Me Softly

Have you ever worked in a job that don’t sit well on your bosom. You get home tired, in the morning when the alarm wakes you, you just wish to not go there at all. You bored up to here with what you do at work. Nothing challenges you it’s just a bunch of tedious chores that breaks your soul into pieces. Your boss is all smiles in your presence because he thinks you love your job with all your might. Not knowing that you feel like hell while your wish is to go to heaven.

You don’t have hope that you’ll see heaven cause all your character traits are that of hell. Your job just made you feel older than your age, you feel saggy and your height is dragged by the gravitational force pull, you feel heavy by the moment. You pulling a trail of regrets but people hardly see that because you have camouflage it with a smile. Everything seems to be going backwards instead of moving forward. Nothing makes you proud about going there. Do you still remember at school when your teacher asked you, what do you want to be when you grow up? You took that lightly not knowing today you’ll be where you at, in a dungeon.

Time is an enemy in some instances. Ever had those moments where you tell yourself, I’m not gonna look at it. I’ll just guess when it’s an hour and I’ll have a look. For now let me do my work and when the hour comes I’ll be the happiest person on earth. You start working with ease cause you know an hour is not that long. But when you look on your time with a smile, thinking that you’ve reached your goal. In your surprise only 10 minutes have passed on, 50 minutes is to come you better be calm, You get disappointed. It seems like a torture that will never end. You have been digging your own grave for the past decades. No one is coming to your rescue, until you realize you the one responsible to save your sorry arse.

Your work environment is suffocating you beyond limits. You have plans for the future but you scared to make a move. You always playing that “What if” movie in your head. You have a passion for cooking but you scared to make a move. You always ask yourself: “What if it doesn’t work out? What if I lose it all and be left with nothing? What if I am supposed to be here forever? How am I going to support my family without financial stability? Those are the questions that got you locked up in the prison of your making.

Until you make a move nothing is gonna change. If you aim at nothing you gonna hit and your gain will be nothing. It’s either you gonna die there without happiness or you gonna face your demons and have a life of fulfilment. All is up to you if you want your life to change.

What If Tomorrow Never Comes

In this life that we live in we always focus on what’s working or what’s not. It’s not easy to just sit down and do nothing, being a couch potato or something, is not productive at all. As a teenager my Father used to say son; if you want to be comfortable in life you need to start saving money now. The age you in is good to start being productive and not wait to be an adult in order for your things to be accurate.

What he said got into this ear and went out the other one. That didn’t weigh heavy on my thinking because he was doing everything for us. We didn’t face life head on cause we knew he was our strong support system. The value he put on us was beyond imagination. He wanted to see us flying with the stars. It’s rare for kids who have everything planned out for them to put an effort that much, because they know everything for their living is covered.

I played that thought of saving money day in and day out but I didn’t see it through. I was always procrastinating having hope for tomorrow. Forgetting that time waits for no man. All what you have now can be gone tomorrow. My eyes were shallow, I didn’t try seeing deeper than my sight. My Father passed away singing the same song. But we failed to follow his footsteps according to the way he wanted us to become.

Reality strikes when you are sleep walking in life, especially when you have tasks to complete. You  starting with enthusiasm but fall flat on the way leaving things unfinished. Radar less living with no precise direction you planning to go to. Because all your hopes are based on tomorrow. Forgetting that tomorrow is not promised. Most people fail, not because they don’t have the capacity to achieve, but because they don’t take life seriously.

“Don’t worry we will do it tomorrow” that’s what most people say. Is there any hope for future Generations if we fold our arms and wait for the inevitable? The Question stands, what if Tomorrow never comes? Better digest that and come up with a better solution for the future.

Picturing Delicious Delicacies While Eating Dry Pap

Let the game begin

As kids we use to play a game called “Eating all delicious delicacies in a Bona Magazine without hesitation”. The game was top of the charts back then especially if your parents loved reading Magazines. They bought them monthly to satisfy their hunger for reading and always keeping up to date with the new trends and social living. Internet  was for tycoons back then, not just for any Tom, Dick and Harry. What our parents knew then was to stick to what you can afford and let sleeping dogs lie.

In those days things were simple and less complicated. We played games that were soothing and self involving. Being a loner was a scarce thing an eye could see, it was believed to be a thing for people using voodoo magic or witchcraft to be alone all the time. We didn’t want to entertain that cause you found yourself having cold drafts and some weird dreams.

Back to reality: We had a skill of enjoying food in a weird way. Pap still is our favorite dish from yester day’s delicacies. We didn’t care about Vitamins and Minerals because we didn’t even know things like those do exist. It was like the out of sight out of mind thingy, what I don’t know don’t exist in my mentality. We ate food to be full no strings attached, we didn’t bother about the terms and conditions. Well anyway those were the things suited for us back then not for today’s world.

This is Pap as you can see.

If you had only Pap (It’s Mealie Meal mixed with boiled water, add Salt and then you stir until it’s a bit hard and soft) in your plate you were good for the game. You just flip the page on your Magazine searching for the most delicious food that you can lay your eyes on. In your search when you find a page with exotic food that leaves your mouth watering. You take a handful of Pap and picture yourself mixing it with the delicious delicacies you see on the book. Damn what an experience, you finish your food without complaining because your mind turned all that was tasteless into a nice dish for a day.

From the book to your stomach using your mind 😃

So that’s where we learned visualization. Giving what don’t exist life, and let it walk around us without any fear of getting harmed in any way you know how. Those were the days of creativity you never felt lethargic or lazy. We were always active and enjoyed life to the fullest.