Waiting for your name to be called

That feeling of unrest and not knowing what’s gonna be the results.

You in the mind of maybes and what’s gonna be. You doubting, on the other hand you wishing for positivity to avail.

Being in between of good and bad, happiness or being sad. All the outcome by the way must be said.

It’s on you how you gonna take it. For granted or it’ll be worthwhile.

You don’t know whether to fold your arms or just let loose. A situation of going backwards in a forward way or the opposite.

In moments you hold your cheek and find yourself scrubbing your head. Eish!!! I am in six’s and sevens a soliloque in a tiny voice.

The moment is looming from afar but it seems like it’s here. Oh!!! Troubled heart can you find some rest. You have no clue of the news you are about to hear. So relax and wait for the time that everything will be let loose.

It’s either you’ll be called or unfortunately your name didn’t make it.


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