I met a beautiful liar

She was so attractive

Nothing on her that wasn’t eye catching. She’s the ornament of the eye.

A breath to take for a living. In seasons she’s mid Summer in Autumn, what am I saying? She’s Spring season in Winter, I give up!!!

She’s got me lost in Words. I speak no sense trying to describe her beauty. She turned me into a floozy. A hang in your pants kinda like stooge in a movie.

Her living is off duty style. The one that makes your Daddy wanna slap your Momma!

Miss. “I don’t care attitude”. If it’s Wednesday she calls it Friday with an Attitude!

She’s life to her living. A careless giver with no intentions. Well’Ah!… She’s so amazing.

Oh! How I love her presence. She may be what she is, but I admire her straight to the point nature. She may not take me seriously like I am to her.

Her life is like those of bright Lillies. They here today, tomorrow the wind just blew them up and they gone.

Her beauty is so amazing and adorable, but it’s Hard to live life while you lying to Yourself.

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