Lost in Words

I only have few alphabets to express my love for her. I tried borrowing vowels but they needed a letter to go with,

They were so ashamed to go one on one, cause they wouldn’t make sense of all I wanted to say. They would just be like click sounds with no common sense.

I also tried to use exclamation marks, but they lost value in all I am trying to express.

But what I have in mind needs to be out in a special way, where she’s gonna be able to see how much I love her.

Full stops, punctuation marks, paragraphs, commas etc… Won’t be able to make it worthy according to the way I feel.

I need a plan and I have to think it fast because, I can’t keep this bottled up in me. It needs to be out and go where it belongs, to her.

Love is hard to explain, let alone trying to put actions and words in order for it to be felt. Love is there anyway, in whatever way I think is good to express it, it’ll be good.


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