It’s Time we part ways

I have a friend who loves me when I have money.
When I have nothing he turns against me. He’s good at criticizing me when I am cashless, calling me names and how useless I am.

I guess he senses when I am fully packed.
I have a soft spot for him and I welcome him with open arms.
Forgetting all the insults he was firing at me morning and noon,
AK-47 like stuttering rifle rattle nonstop.

I am bruised by his words, his heartless and I don’t care behavior.
He behaves in a certain way, a snake like character he’s too sneaky.
His attitude is toxic to my health, to my family and my other friends.
He’s good at making my load heavier than it supposed to be.
He owes me a lot of money that he doesn’t say when is he gonna pay me.

It’s time I let him go
We not gonna be foes,
I’ll treat him in a way that he deserves.
The sad part is,
This toxic friend of mine is me,
Not anyone outside of me.
I’m an enemy to myself.

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