You The best

It happens sometimes whereby you feel lonely.
You interpret the life of others squarely.
Happiness they have you always sad.
That’s not fair, you say.
Why whoever is in charge left you astray.
Everything you touch seem to scatter apart.
You have developed that sense of not belonging.

What you longing for is life that is taking you somewhere.
A life with progress and happiness.
The eagerness of being valued and not feeling useless.
The stress you piling up on daily basis is sagging you instead of helping you.

When you look at others they always happy, and things for them seem to always work out fine.
They getting everything and you seem to be the one that the hose is being stepped on.
No blessings have the way of passing through.
The hose is stepped on you feel the suffocation.

Your imagination is running wild.
Everything lost taste, original is fake.
You living for the sake of living nothing have value.
You stagnant.
All is on standstill.

Fear not when things turn haywire.
Everyone have skeletons in his closet.
We all have burdens to carry.
Impediments with trailers of broken hearts.
So the happiness you think they have, you have it too.
They entertaining good instead of bad
You doing the opposite, that’s why you feeling sad.
By changing your mind all will stay into place.
That’s the only medicine for this wound called feeling stagnant.


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