Our Love Lost Taste

When sour is no more

Sweet is just a name with no value.

Trying to weigh the past and present events, only to come up with zero common sense.

All is in the past, you didn’t even get a chance to express your feelings and your views.

Only to be welcomed by sad news.

Our love lost Taste.Since when did the Taste left this love of ours? I thought I was imagining things but I see you dead serious.

Since when I was never important to you? only the Taste that took my place and became dominant.

I am no longer attractive as you used to say? “You’ll go and fetch me the moon” I am echoing your words. What made you to change your mind?

Since when did the Taste become so imperative more than I? Cause this Taste can’t even make love, let alone tickles you when south is in the west.

Teach me how I can bring the Taste back so that we can be in love again.

Allow me to learn your love language, I see that we no longer in the same page. All I see is rage and all our memories fade.

I’ll do all my best to bring the Taste back if you allow me. Show me how I can make that possible because I am in six’s and sevens.I love you enough to add more Taste than before.

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