Hello I am …

I am new on this writing stuff.

The moment I took a pen and let it vomit ink on a paper it felt  so good.

The good that is tantalizing on the inside, it changed my mood. The movement of up and down on a page was amazing.

I held it tight and caressed it. I squeezed it hard, I didn’t wanna let go. I found myself on cloud nine.

Until the last drops I used to finish the sentence.

And then I let go with feelings of satisfaction.

Words held me side by side so that I’ll be in balance.

The family of vowels were all smiles.

Alphabets so welcoming. Figures of speech made me aware of lifes irony. 

I am new on this writing stuff.

I found myself greeting Strangers with no fear of being judged, what’s driving me is the true living in me. 

The true essence of being alive.

I told mineself I’ll reach that level of shutting up and let words speak. 

Even if I sounded so freaky it’s no big deal.

As long I am not hanging my words on inverted comma’s. 

I am new on this writing stuff.

And deep down I know this is my home.


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