Hello! I am a Poet, aWriter, a Singer and a Sound Engineer from: Johannesburg, South Africa.

My Latest Posts

  • Waiting for your name to be called
    That feeling of unrest and not knowing what’s gonna be the results. You in the mind of maybes and what’s gonna be. You doubting, on the other hand you wishing for positivity to avail. Being in between of good and bad, happiness or being sad. All the outcome by the way must be said. It’sContinue reading “Waiting for your name to be called”
  • I met a beautiful liar
    She was so attractive Nothing on her that wasn’t eye catching. She’s the ornament of the eye. A breath to take for a living. In seasons she’s mid Summer in Autumn, what am I saying? She’s Spring season in Winter, I give up!!! She’s got me lost in Words. I speak no sense trying toContinue reading “I met a beautiful liar”
  • That’s okay
    It’s really simple to just give up for no reason. When situations overwhelm you, seeing no holes of getting out. The problem is using eyesight more than mind sight. Mind sight helps more than eyesight because eyesight sees now not for the future. When the future is planned there are no bridges burned, only dayContinue reading “That’s okay”
  • Lost in Words
    I only have few alphabets to express my love for her. I tried borrowing vowels but they needed a letter to go with, They were so ashamed to go one on one, cause they wouldn’t make sense of all I wanted to say. They would just be like click sounds with no common sense. IContinue reading “Lost in Words”
  • We Fall and Rise again
    Ever noticed those episodes You find yourself not so in place, You try cutting to the chase but all just splash on your face. Those ones are drags, pull downs and destroyers if you not careful. Chances are you can fight that battle if you want to, but it all depends on you.  This lifeContinue reading “We Fall and Rise again”
  • It’s Time we part ways
    I have a friend who loves me when I have money.When I have nothing he turns against me. He’s good at criticizing me when I am cashless, calling me names and how useless I am. I guess he senses when I am fully packed.I have a soft spot for him and I welcome him withContinue reading “It’s Time we part ways”
  • You The best
    It happens sometimes whereby you feel lonely.You interpret the life of others squarely.Happiness they have you always sad.That’s not fair, you say.Why whoever is in charge left you astray.Everything you touch seem to scatter apart.You have developed that sense of not belonging. What you longing for is life that is taking you somewhere. A lifeContinue reading “You The best”
  • Our Love Lost Taste
    When sour is no more Sweet is just a name with no value. Trying to weigh the past and present events, only to come up with zero common sense. All is in the past, you didn’t even get a chance to express your feelings and your views. Only to be welcomed by sad news. OurContinue reading “Our Love Lost Taste”
  • Reality Strikes
    It seems so unfair when reality strikes,When we trying by all means not to make things seem so trite.Every blunder and scandal reveals itself in a way we never wished it to be.The seeds we planted now are taking form. They exposing the trueness of who we are, in which transparency is not a likableContinue reading “Reality Strikes”
  • Hello I am …
    I am new on this writing stuff. The moment I took a pen and let it vomit ink on a paper it felt  so good. The good that is tantalizing on the inside, it changed my mood. The movement of up and down on a page was amazing. I held it tight and caressed it.Continue reading “Hello I am …”