Hello! I am a Poet, aWriter, a Singer and a Sound Engineer from: Johannesburg, South Africa.

My Latest Posts

  • Self Development
    It all begins with knowing who you are All my life I’ve been trying to be a different person. The one that makes efforts and able to reach out to others with ease. Wanting to speak common sense in every occasion, with a free heart to share my interests with strangers without fear, doubt andContinue reading “Self Development”
  • Freedom
    Whichever ever way, if you think is right for you. It is right follow it In life we meet different people, different cultures and different religions. It’s up to you which one you wanna fall under. We live by choice in whatever we think is good for us. Every footstep you follow if it givesContinue reading “Freedom”
  • Baby Adult
    Adulting is a milestone to some of us. It needs focus and dedication. All comes crashing and he gets confused which one is which? What’s the right way to take or must he wait a bit maybe all will clear out in no time. All the confusing episodes flicker in his mind like thunder andContinue reading “Baby Adult”
  • My Favorite Sports?
    I love watching Soccer, Rugby and Cricket. My most favorite is Cricket. I can watch it the whole day without moving an inch. South Africa vs Australia is one of my favorite games. It keeps me on my toes minute after minute. I don’t play any forgive me, I’m a fan. What are your favoriteContinue reading “My Favorite Sports?”
  • It’s Not Over Yet
    We face different things in one day. In a week? That’s a lot. I don’t want to mention a month, a year, a decade.. etc. That’s a lot more. God created us to be complex, not perfect at all. We are errors on the walk. Our talks are offside sometimes. Creating blunders that are hardContinue reading “It’s Not Over Yet”
  • A Woman
    God created a woman to be a pillar of a family. The one that multiplies generation to generations. Her patience is amazing. How do you do it guys for nine months? I’ll forever stay taken aback. It takes a lot of efforts according what I see. Dedication and persistence is what you were born with.Continue reading “A Woman”
  • It’s Not Easy
    The morrow is not promised Everyday is a struggle, life is like a puzzle. Sometimes you just catch yourself in the middle of chaos trying to solve a riddle. Some matters seems so little and leave you with nothing to mingle. It’s better when you single, you can fly sky high like an eagle. LifeContinue reading “It’s Not Easy”
  • This Job Is Killing Me Softly
    Have you ever worked in a job that don’t sit well on your bosom. You get home tired, in the morning when the alarm wakes you, you just wish to not go there at all. You bored up to here with what you do at work. Nothing challenges you it’s just a bunch of tediousContinue reading “This Job Is Killing Me Softly”
  • What Do I Enjoy Doing In My Leisure Time?
    My Leisure Time is the most precious time I cherish. I spare it for Me Time, where I pamper myself, read books, visit family, friends, go to the park or write a letter to the future me. What do you enjoy doing most in your leisure time?
  • What If Tomorrow Never Comes
    In this life that we live in we always focus on what’s working or what’s not. It’s not easy to just sit down and do nothing, being a couch potato or something, is not productive at all. As a teenager my Father used to say son; if you want to be comfortable in life youContinue reading “What If Tomorrow Never Comes”